About Me

Hi!  I’m Patricia Mili.  It depends on who you are as to what you call me.  Some call me Patti, with an “i”!  Others call me Trish or Trisha and those who truly know my family and have known me call me Patti Ann or Trish Ann.  See, my grandma was a Patricia too, so we had to develop a system.  One of our cousins was also a Patricia Ann thus making it even more complicated.  So the nomenclature for Patricia’s in our family was born.  I do NOT ever answer to Patsy or Pat because those are NOT my designated names.  Thankfully, when I married my first husband his mom, also a Patricia thankfully went by Patsy much like my grandma so life was kept simple!

This is my personal blog.  I’m going to try to keep it up, but its about my journey through migraines and through family life.  To be honest, I have 2 children running through public schools each with different educational needs, a past history of abusive men, and a life that seems to be set on reset!  Some days I wake up and I wonder why I bother, but it’s all part of that crazy thing we call life.  I’m here to share with you and maybe even help myself work things out as they go along.

I have 3 kids.  You’ll learn more about that as we go.  We have several pets.  I am an IT consultant.  I love to run albeit slowly, but I run.  I also enjoy camping, fishing (although I never catch anything and when I do I panic), and generally challenges.

I’m just here to keep it real with you and with me!